• How old do you have to be to play bingo?

        You must be eighteen years of age to play bingo or be in the hall.

  • Do you play progressive games?

        All organizations play the progressive game. Please call hall for specific amounts and number of balls               need to win.

  • What is a “Hall Linked” Bingo? 

        A hall linked bingo is where several organizations link their progressive game together and it rolls over          to the next “linked” bingo if not won in the designated number of balls that are called. The number of           balls remains the same the entire week, then is increased by one number each week until it is won.             Once won it starts over again with 50 numbers at the next “hall linked” session.  Call hall for further           information.

  • What is a “SUPER JACKPOT ” Bingo? 

It is a game linked to other bingos in Michigan played along with the last coverall. The prize structure is as fallows:

47 Numbers pays out $25,000 plus progressive amount

48 Numbers pays out $5,000 plus progressive amount

49 Numbers pays out $4,000 -split among the winners

50 Numbers pays out $3,000 -split among the winners

51 Numbers pays out $2,000 -split among the winners

52 Numbers pays out $1,199 - to all winners

53 Numbers pays out $1,199 - to all winners

54 Numbers pays out $1,199 - to all winners

Cost to play this game is $1.00 per 3 on sheet

  • What are the ways to Bingo?  
  •       Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, and some groups play Four Corners. To see specifics go to individual               sponsors program link.

    • How much are the payouts? 

          Payouts vary by organization but most groups pay out up to $3,500 per session, (go to individual                   sponsors program link).

    • Can I bring in outside food or beverages? 

          The hall policy is no outside food, beverage or beverage containers may be brought in.

    • Do you sell Bingo supplies? 

           Yes, daubers, tape, bingo bags, bingo cushions, gift packs, and good luck charms are available for sale at        the Concession Counter.

    • Do we have to leave the hall between sessions on the days/nights that have multiple bingos? 

          No you are allowed to remain in the hall.  

    • Does the Hall have air conditioning? 

    Yes it does, the temperature is set at 72 degrees all year long. It is advisable to bring a sweater or jacket depending where you choose to sit.

    • Can you smoke in the hall?

    As of May 1 2010, all public venues became non-smoking per Michigan state law. We have a comfortable outdoor smoking area with benches, heaters and sound system to keep you informed about your game. All bingos have an intermission half way through the session.



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